A practical and reliable marketing method that compels consumers to buy your products and services.

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Content Marketing

Bolster your marketing campaigns with content strategies that amp up your online presence and increases revenue.

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Editing and Proofreading

Writing is hard work and mistakes happen.  Make those pesky typos and grammatical errors disappear with this editing and proofreading service.

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Why should you hire a copywriter?

It's simple: copywriters are the rainmakers of persuasive writing. Our sharp skills enable us to write content that motivates people to buy from you.  A good writer has wordsmithing talents that help you stand out above your competition.

Professional writing services are a good investment that will:

  • showcase new business initiatives
  • drive traffic to your website and increase conversion rates
  • excite your customers by showing them how your products and services benefit them
  • generate leads and boost conversions with powerful SEO copywriting and content marketing strategies
  • increase revenue with case studies, white papers, email marketing, sales letters, and other writing services
  • use A/B split testing to determine the best marketing strategies for improved click-throughs, higher conversions, and reduced bounce rates.

As a freelance copywriter and content marketing acrobat, I have developed expertise in select market niches.  I specialize in self-help, personal development, health, fitness, and alternative health remedies.  However, I'm an adaptable writer with the ability to write for other industries.

Gain a competitive advantage with Ocean Avenue Copywriting's writing services.

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As a hardworking writer with a strong work ethic, I enjoy delivering professional copy to my clients.

Building good business relationships for single or retainer projects is one aspect of our collective success.

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